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Shane Day, LeaderOne Financial

“Our LeaderOne mortgage team has been extremely fortunate to work with Mile High Living Real Estate for many years now. The personal dedication and commitment Doug and Paige offer to their clients is truly admirable and one of the most recognized characteristics of highly successful people. What I have closely witnessed in them is they treat every client like family. There has not been one experience that I can recall where they did not develop a close relationship with the people they worked with, as well as a deep found respect. As a successful mortgage company and individual, I focus on aligning myself only with the kind of people that represent a “serving heart” for others, which is something you will experience first-hand. They are an inspiration to the business and a team that should be considered when discussing real estate matters. Their passion for personal growth, excellence, education and generosity is profound. I am proud to work with this team and to have a personal relationship with them as well. If you want an outstanding and memorable experience, I highly recommend Mile High Living.”